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About Us

Digital Panoramas, Inc. is a new media studio that is owned and operated by Harvey Jong. The studio is currently located in Chandler, Arizona. We have the equipment and experience to handle the most demanding photo-imaging jobs. Our tools include:

  • 35mm cameras (Olympus)
  • Medium format cameras (Fuji 6x17 and Hasselblad)
  • High resolution film scanners (Microtek and Nikon)
  • Megapixel digital camera (Kodak)
  • Immersive imaging rigs (Bogen and Kaidan)
  • Digital imaging software (Adobe, Live Picture, Kodak, and others)

These tools have been integrated with computer optimized workflows that automate capturing and post processing images. This allows us to focus on maximizing the creative value for our clients.

We can deliver images in a variety of formats including prints, transparencies, CD-ROMs, or the Internet. Creating distinctive images is more than a just business; it's our passion! Let us help you with your next photo-imaging project.

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