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Still Panoramas

Our still panoramic services represent our more traditional ways of delivering wide format images. We use a Fuji 6x17 camera to create transparencies or negatives suitable for printed publications. The 6x17 cm images offer a 93 degree field of view with equisite detail. Below are a few example panoramas:

Bryce Canyon Panorama

Bryce Canyon National Park

Lighthouse Panorama

Fuji 6x17 Camera

Fuji 6x17 Panoramic Camera

Pigeon Point Lighthouse California


These panoramas can also be delivered in digital format via our high resolution Microtek flatbed scanner.

For field of views greater than 93 degrees, we use a Kodak megapixel digital camera to capture a series of images that are "stitch" together with special software. The resulting composite panoramas can have extreme field of views up to 360 degrees! These images can be delivered on CD-ROMs, ZIP disks, or as ink jet proof prints up to 44" long. Here are some typical examples:

Lavender Pit Panorama


Lavender Open Pit Mine Bisbee, Arizona


Lowell Observatory Panorama

Lowell Observatory Flagstaff, Arizona


Balloon Race Panorama

Balloon Race Scottsdale, Arizona



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